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Our Community Plan

We are pleased to launch the Community Plan for Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle. For now, it is only available as a digital download, but printed copies will be made available once current restrictions are lifted.

The Plan sets out a long-term vision for our area. This is based on input from many local residents – collectively we can have greater influence in decision-making to ensure we get the best for our community.

Why create a Community Plan
for Sea Mills & Coombe Dingle?

Many communities across Bristol have found a plan really useful, so it is important that Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle has one too. It will give us the basis for planning within our community over the coming years, and it will be essential to inform future developments in our area.

A Community Plan setting out our vision provides a collective voice and strengthens our ability to influence future decisions and public services. The plan can also be used to support funding and grant applications to help us set up and run specific projects and events that will benefit everyone.

With thanks

This Community Plan has taken a great deal of collective time, effort, skill and enthusiasm by a small group of people dedicated to producing it. We are grateful to all the residents who gave their time and energy to deliver and complete the survey, to our volunteer team and the working group who made it possible for Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle to have our own Community Plan. 

Once social distancing restrictions are lifted, Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Together will be holding a meeting to officially launch this plan and to discuss next steps for our community. We hope that you will join us…

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