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Learnt anything during lockdown?

Learnt anything during lockdown?

The Community Plan asked what things you would like to learn more about.

72% of residents said they would be encouraged by free or low-cost courses. 60% thought it would be helpful if these courses were provided locally.

On the issue of subjects or topics that interest you:

  • 59% identified that they would like to have more computer/IT skills
  • 45% said they were interested in learning recreational crafts
  • 50% would like to know more about healthy eating or learning new cooking skills
  • 48% would like more knowledge surrounding fitness and health
  • 43% expressed a preference for educational or vocational skills

Particularly during the lockdown, it is difficult to put many plans in place. In the meantime, we are interested to know if you have learnt any new skills during the lockdown? Or have you identified anything else not listed in the Community Plan? If so, what else would you like to learn?

We are keen to hear from you – let us know what you have learnt. Let us know if you would like to share existing or new-found skill with others in the community. Some of you must have polished up your baking skills!

Please comment below and get involved.

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