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Proposed 5G Monopole

Proposed 5G Monopole

A 5G Monopole (18m high mast) is being proposed on the edge of Sea Mills Square by the Addison Oak.

Stoke Bishop Councillors John Goulandris & Henry Michallat have their concerns about this and encourage local residents to make their views known to the planners, so please add your own views. You can make a public comment on the council’s planning portal here. This is a pre-planning application for the Council to determine if full planning permission will be necessary. If you would like to make your views known at this stage, then comments will need to be submitted by Friday 2 July 2021.

We will keep you posted on this post! Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

Stoke Bishop Councillors Henry Michallat and John Goulandris on The Green in Sea Mills near to where the mast is proposed.

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