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Sea Mills Square under threat again – can you help?

Sea Mills Square under threat again – can you help?

New appeal on proposed 5G mast. 

Last year, Bristol City Council planners rejected plans for an 18 metre 5G mast and large cabinets on Sea Mills Square. This decision is now going to appeal with the Planning Inspectorate. Those who have commented on the planning proposal previously will have their comments sent on to the Planning Inspector.  We would also urge people to write again or write for the first time to respond to the mobile operator’s appeal and to show the Planning Inspector that there continue to be strong feelings about the position of this mast. 

Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Together have objected to the proposed siting of the 5G mast on Sea Mills Square because of the effect it will have on the character and appearance of the area. Whilst we recognise the need for 5G in the area and welcome more coverage, we are against the siting of this particular mast, which will be approximately 3 metres taller than the Addison Oak (approximately 15 metres tall to the top of the crown).

Comments must be received by 21 February 2022, and we have prepared this simple downloadable guide to help you make your comment and the kind of things you could say. There’s no need to write a long response, a paragraph or two is plenty. 

Image: An impression of how the mast and cabinets will look on the Square


  • Linda M

    Please do not spoil our square with a mast it would be so visible from every direction it needs to be somewhere less conspicuous

  • Roger Tucker

    Perhaps I should not be surprised, given the growing decline in selflessness in recent decades; but I am not. Developers, in general, are utterly unconcerned as to the effects of their proposals on the environment, wildlife and local community. How, otherwise, could anyone contemplate imposing such a carbuncle on the residents of Sea Mills, the more so, intruding in a Conservation area. The Council was correct to refuse the application. Given, one hopes, a sound inspector making the decision, there is little prospect that the appeal will succeed. Put simply, the proposal is absurd.

  • Kath

    What an eyesore!!
    AND not convinced as yet that these masts are not a threat to health.
    Please reconsider where they’re placed…out of harms way and out of sight as much as poss.
    Thank you

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