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Anti social behaviour in our neighbourhood – advice

Anti social behaviour in our neighbourhood – advice
Please help your neighbourhood by reporting anti social behaviour and vandalism

Recently there has been a rise in the number of annoying or anti social behaviour incidents involving young people in the Sea Mills, Stoke Bishop and Coombe Dingle areas. 

In response to this Sea Mills and Coombe Dingle Together organised a meeting for local interested parties, including the police, local schools, youth providers and local churches, to come together and discuss what we could do to support these young people and help them make better choices together.

The police explained that currently they didn’t see this as being targeted to any one group but did give advice on what to do if you see something of concern;

If an incident is happening and you think it is a crime or criminal behaviour, someone is breaking the law or is in danger then the police advice is to call it in on 999 so they can response appropriately to it. If the incident has just happened and you think the perpetrators are still in the area, also call 999.

If you have information about an historic incident they are requesting that this is logged with 101 or online so it can be added to the statistics for the area and inform future policing.

Any incidents logged either through 999 or 101 will be shared with the local policing team so they will be aware of what is happening in the community.

When reporting any incidents the police requested that as much information as possible is shared with them e.g. where it is happening, how many people are involved, providing as accurate a description as possible if there is not CCTV as this can really help identify young people, e.g. height, clothes, trainers, hair colour etc, photos can be helpful if it is safe to take them and does not place you in danger to be passed onto the police as well. Police do not advise posting picture of young people on social media.

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